Fall Quarterly Report

Key Metrics

Data represents 7/15 – 10/13 and is in comparison to 4/15 – 7/14


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Increase In Overall Ttraffic
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Increase In Piercing Traffic
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Increase In Return Traffic


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Per AdWords Lead
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Spent Total
AdWords Clicks

Google My Business

Data represents 7/1 – 9/30 and is in comparison to the previous year

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Increase In Exposure
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Increase In Search Triggers
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Increase In Profile Interactions

My Top Observations

These are the top things I thought were worth mentioning about your digital presence. 

AdWords is the paid advertising campaign run through Google. This is what I set up to increase your exposure in piercing related searches.

To recap the data listed above:

  • $197.47 Spent
  • 450 Clicks
  • $0.44 per click
  • 24% interaction rate
  • 10 Conversions (people reaching out)
  • $19.75 per conversion
  • 2% conversion rate

The good news is that the interaction rate is extremely high, meaning people show legitimate interest in these advertisements shown.

Another great aspect is how cheap the cost to bid is for these terms. Very few industries have the opportunity to pay less than $1 per click.

The bad news is that although interest is high, there aren’t as many conversions as I would originally hope. This means there’s a lot of “window shoppers” for a piercing.

From this point onwards, it should be less of a problem. I’ve excluded showing ads to the 18-24 age group. That seems to be where most of the budget has gotten the least return from.

The traffic to your website almost tripled from the last quarter. Instead of 262 visitors, there was 661 for the Fall.

  • 68%  Facebook
  • 15% IG Stories
  • 17% IG
  • <1% Snapchat

This is a great trend to see happening and I hope it continues. It appears that more people are coming from FB than the previous quarter so keep up whatever you’re doing on there! 

When last checked on June 3rd 2021, your site’s authority score was 6/100 and you had 14 backlinks. Unfortunately, the authority score hasn’t changed but you now have 105 backlinks. This is part of the reason why you’re getting increasing exposure for additional keywords.

For the previous period there were 20K impressions and 1.5K clicks. This has doubled because for the Fall quarter there were 46K impressions and 2.25K clicks.

Not only are you ranking for more piercing related searches, but tattoo searches as well. 

Obligatory, I have to toot my own horn on this one because this is from the site build. Your previous website wasn’t functioning this well! 

The great news is that you’re getting significantly more exposure for piercing related phrases compared to the last report. Whether thats from AdWords, SEO, or Google MyBusiness, each of these channels are increasing week by week. 

For the previous quarter, your website showed up 39 times when somebody searched “piercing places near me.” For this quarter it was 516 times so that’s 13X more for one phrase alone. 

Something I’ve noticed is that the level of engagement has stayed about the same for piercing/tattoo traffic. It’s always a concern that engagement will drop as traffic increases but fortunately that’s not the case here! 

GMB SEO is slightly different than the website itself. Here are the top 13 keywords you are appearing for on this profile along with the amount of searches it appeared in:

  1. black rose tattoo 1,977
  2. black rose 1508
  3. tattoo shops near me 635
  4. piercing places near me 524
  5. black rose tattoo company 493
  6. the black rose 337
  7. industrial piercing 313
  8. piercing 199
  9. the black rose tattoo 199
  10. tattoo shops worcester 197
  11. piercing near me 164
  12. piercing places worcester 160
  13. piercing shops near me 142

You are getting noticeably more exposure for piercing related phrases on this profile compared to before.

Something to keep in mind is that when the profile doesn’t automatically trigger, that’s where the paid ads show ideally. 


Here is a recap as well as things to consider for the future based on the data analyzed.

  • You are getting increasingly consistent traffic
  • It costs about $20 per piercing lead on Google AdWords
  • Visitors on your site are highly engaged 
  • Your SEO has dramatically improved with the rebuild
  • There is significantly more piercing related traffic this quarter compared to the previous
  • Optimize your GMB profile for piercing related keywords in order to appear in more searches
  • Implement social media retargeting ads
    • When someone visits your site show ads to them if they didn’t visit the contact page
  • Continue advertising as much as possible on FB and IG
  • Start “blogging” for additional SEO opportunities