June Quarterly Report

Key Metrics

In future reports, I will show the difference compared to the previous quarter.

Data represents 3/28 – 5/30 due to website launching,

I am also segmenting all the data to Massachusetts users alone 

1,188 Users
29% Bounce Rate

This is a great sign things are going well, you are getting consistent traffic to your site and it's slowly growing each day. What's phenomenal is that you're getting a 29% bounce rate.

A bounce is when somebody leaves your site almost immediately so the higher that number the worse it is. Rarely ever do I see bounce rates below 60% so that's an indicator the visitors are highly engaged with your website.

84% Mobile Users

I wanted to bring attention to how important mobile is especially to your business. Almost all your traffic is browsing on mobile so tailoring everything you can to the mobile experience will only help.

22% Conversion Rate

This is another great indicator your website is performing well. 1 in every 5 website visitors are checking out your contact page. There were 70 total contact forms submitted during this timeframe.

My Top Observations

These are the top things I thought were worth mentioning. 

About 62% of your website traffic comes from organic searches. The good sign is that the impressions and clicks are increasing over time.

Most of these clicks are related to “black rose tattoo,” “black rose tattoo company,” and “the black rose tattoo” so these are people actively searching for your business.

You are starting to rank for phrases like “tattoo shops near me,” “tattoo shops Worcester,” “piercing shops near me” and “piercing places Worcester.” Ranking for new terms like these takes time and a SEO strategy in order for it to be effective. 

This second photo indicates that the rebuild is helping your SEO more than the previous site was. 

At this point in time, June 3rd 2021, your site’s authority score is 6/100 and you have 14 backlinks. (Useful to compare in future reports)

You’re getting 15% of your website traffic from social media, so about 200 users.

  • 48%  Facebook
  • 33% IG Stories
  • 17% IG
  • 1% Snapchat


The traffic from social media gets a notably less bounce rate than the 29% average. The average for social media is 20% which makes sense because they are able to see your portfolio before visiting the site. 

Anything you can do to encourage followers to share your content or visit your site will only help. 

When looking at all the traffic visiting your site:

  • 97% comes from the USA
  • 75% of US Traffic is from MA
  • 11% is from NY


What is interesting to point out is where most of your MA web traffic is coming from. You would think it’s Worcester but slightly more traffic is coming from Boston. 

This might be useful to keep in mind for any future advertising. 

I was curious to see how much traffic was visiting your tattoo page in comparison to the piercing one. 

  • 1,090 tattoo page visits
  • 419 piercing page visits


Additionally here are the profiles getting the most attention:

  • Diana – 576
  • Steve – 495
  • Allan – 450
  • JP – 227
  • Katy – 174


I also wanted to take some time to analyze your GMB profile separately from your website. The SEO for this profile is slightly different than the website itself. Here are the top 10 keywords you are appearing for:

  1. black rose 1,296
  2. black rose tattoo 731
  3. tattoo shops near me 307
  4. rose tattoo 273
  5. piercing places near me 179
  6. tattoo shops worcester 106
  7. the black rose 106
  8. rose 102
  9. piercing 100
  10. piercing near me 82


In the photo below you can see how much interaction your profile is getting. This would be interesting to compare each quarter. 


Here is a recap as well as things to consider for the future based on the data analyzed.

  • You are getting increasingly consistent web traffic
  • Visitors on your site are highly engaged 
  • More mobile users than industry averages
  • You’re getting a consistent conversion rate
  • Your SEO has improved with the rebuild
  • Your web traffic is split between Worcester and Boston
  • Optimize your GMB profile for piercing related keywords in order to appear in more searches
  • Implement social media retargeting ads
    • When someone visits your site show ads to them if they didn’t visit the contact page
  • Continue advertising as much as possible on FB and IG stories
  • Incorporate Google Ads into your marketing mix for additional web traffic and clients