Winter Quarterly Report

Key Metrics

Data represents 12/1 – 2/28 and is in comparison to  9/1 – 11/30 

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Increase In Overall Ttraffic
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Increase In Interaction Rates
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Increase In Tattoo Traffic


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My Top Observations

These are the top things I thought were worth mentioning about your digital presence. 

AdWords is the paid advertising campaign run through Google. This is what I set up to increase your exposure in piercing related searches last quarter and start appearing in tattoo related searches this quarter.

In regards to the piercing campaign, things are now getting dialed in. This quarter saw a 30% increase in conversion rates which is awesome. 

The tattoo campaign has really only been live for a month, so there isn’t enough data to comfortably say anything for certain about it. Like the piercing campaign, optimizations will consistently be made to improve performance. 

Now that things are getting more dialed in, I will be increasing the AdWords spend. The last time we spoke you said you were cool with $800 for the budget which less than half was used. I will still operate with this budget unless otherwise noted. 

This was the first time we used email as an acquisition channel and it proved to be worthwhile in my opinion. I don’t know how much business it generated from Gift Card sales but what I do know is that emails are free to send out. 

There were even some people who opened the email up to 12 different times. That paired with the fact there were no spam complaints shows general interest. Consistent email campaigns on a quarterly or semi-annual basis would make the most sense as an additional lead source.

Last quarter your SEO stats doubled, what’s crazier is that they’ve tripled this quarter. I am legitimately shocked at how your SEO keeps improving so rapidly. Let’s hope this only continues. 

Here we are a year later of the website being live and I’m still bugging you guys for portfolio images. I would say this is your biggest opportunity because everything else is performing ideally across the board.

Rather than add anything new, the next quarter should be spent focusing improving what you do have in my opinion.


Here is a recap as well as things to consider for the future based on the data analyzed.

  • You are getting increasingly consistent traffic
  • Cost per acquisition is going down on paid advertising
  • Visitors on your site are highly engaged 
  • Your SEO has dramatically improved with the rebuild
  • Email campaign proved to be worthwhile